Zeitzeugen – „Corona“pandemie 2020

Mit der sogenannten Coronapandemie schreiben wir dieses Jahr Geschichte, denn Schulen und andere öffentliche Einrichtungen werden geschlossen! Wie Schüler damit umgehen und wie sie gewisse „Corona“-thematiken sehen, könnt ihr in den folgenden Beiträgen der Klassen 9d und 9e nachlesen.

The Opening

Finally the time has come again, the federal government has decided to open the schools again and to send the children slowly and with some restrictions into the classrooms. At school, children have to comply with strict rules, which include keeping their distance and washing their hands regularly. The children sit in the gym, the auditorium or even the self-learning center just to adhere to the distance rules. This is very difficult for some, but this young man here will give us more information in a short interview:

A: Hello, good morning, how did it feel when you entered the class and you saw all your classmates after this long and challenging time?
B: It was just like in a movie. It felt so unreal when I suddenly opened this door and saw my friends. I felt like in a dream but it was real.

A: How did you react at that moment?
B: We ran towards each other and just hugged each other. It was such an indescribable feeling.

A: What about the ban on touching that the teachers gave you?
B: It was a matter of ice to us at that moment but when our teacher came we held back.

A: Thank you for this information.
B: No problem.

As you can see it was a good decision to send the students back to school.

Adrian Bergmann, 9e

Mindener Tageblatt March 2030

With stockpiling through the crisis

Do you know the moment when you go shopping and you buy 20 packs of flour or 10 bottles of disinfectant? No? A special behaviour of the people ten years ago during the corona-crisis was the stockpiling. This unusual conduct had also a couple of consequences.

First of all, what is stockpiling? Stockpiling describes the kind of purchase, where people buy a lot of particular products for having a large stock. It started at the beginning of March 2020, so about the time when the quarantine for the most people in Germany and some other country started. The most sold products were toilet paper, disinfectant, soup and durable food like flour, noodles, sugar and some canned goods. But especially disinfectant because the demand during Corona has increased by up to 800 percent. The other products (toilet paper, flour etc.) were sold three times as much as the average of the last 6 months at this time in the most shops and supermarkets. They did not have some of these goods anymore and this was an issue for other people who wanted to do a normal purchase because they had to wait until the new goods arrived in the supermarkets, which could take a few days. By a survey was found out that every third consumer in Germany (in the week from 18th march to 25th march) did stockpiling. This kind of shopping was also an issue for the economy: In the USA, president Donald Trump forbade the stockpiling, so the economy there could have a new start. Another consequence of the fact that people bought as many products as if they were starving, was the too big quantity of food because in the next couple of years (seen from that time) the tinned food for example can be spoiled and they have to throw it away and it would an unnecessary product waste.

At the end of March 2020 the campaign ,,Just buy, what you need” started and luckily the stockpiling has subsided.

Evita Unger, 9d

School’s development, contact restrictions while COVID-19

The corona pandemic was confusing. What are we doing now with the schools and the social contacts? First of all, there were the contact restrictions. There wasn’t the permission for events with about one thousand people. There wasn’t any permission for any event like a birthday party, a meeting with five friends, nothing. Also the school was like an event, so it was temporarily closed.

On March 13, everyone who lived in Germany knew, the schools are closed. Temporarily. So this was also a big question: how do we go on now, there is no permission for the contact with other students and what should we do? Everyone in Germany got his school stuff with the internet: some via e - mail, some via OneDrive etc. So they were temporarily busy. But this time couldn’t go on without seeing more people and not just one friend for all the time. The teachers thought, it was good to see the students. But how? Some provincial states are doing this, some not, some were faster with equipping it and some were slower: the video conferences/ online conferences/ online meetings with the own class. But also this opportunity to see friends was not the best, it’s not the real life, it’s just virtually. That’s the problem. So the provincial government decided to open the schools a bit. Some teachers had to make a plan: which students can come at which place at what time? When this was done, the students had to go to school on some days. This was a very good thing, because you could see all your friends in real life again. This was, what mostly everyone wished to do: to see more than one friend in his real life and not virtually. And in this case, there were some provincial states slower, some were faster, but it’s temporarily against the COVID-19 a very good solution for every one of the students to see their friends in their real life. As mentioned above, there are some contact rules or restrictions. At first, (the government published in some live streams their consultings) there weren’t any events: no festivals, no fairs, no playground for the kids and temporary no school. Also all shops had to close, but the supermarkets etc. weren’t closed because they are necessary for our lives. There wasn’t the permission to shake hands, at least 1.5 meters distance while being with his (one and only) “partner“ during the corona time- more friends weren´t allowed. After a few weeks, the government published in the internet: now two households could meet, but also with a distance from at least 1.5 meters, also the shops could open, but not all shops could open: when they are bigger than 800 square kilometers, they aren’t allowed to open their shop. After this little “lockdown“, the government said that all shops are allowed to open. And now also all schools are allowed to open, but everyone, who is allowed to open his school or his shop or anything else, has to be careful with the opening, because everyone has to observe the hygiene rules. But the schools could not open like usually, they also had to do some lists with name and class and date, when the person will be at school (date) and where she will be (room) and everything with hygiene rules, more about schools in the corona pandemic is mentioned above.

The corona pandemic was making everyone nervous. But the German government was smart and acted very well in the (still) hard time. The closing of the schools was a good decision, but also the opening of the schools was a good decision. The government acted very well because they were calm and consulting every two weeks about restrictions or “lockdowns” and said: “we aren’t over the woods yet”. That’s very important, because when the government had said: “the restrictions have been lifted”, the COVID-19 would be around the world and Germany much more than before! But they didn’t say it. That was a very well consideration of the government, and that’s why the government made smart decisions.

Tom Schmid, 9e

Contact restrictions and school closing

Are all schools to be closed due to a pandemic? That sounds like a fairy tale. But that’s exactly what happened on March 15th 2020.

First, the information was: WHEN the schools should be closed, you should take all your materials home, so that the tasks can still be made. More detailed information should be posted on the homepage. But most students assumed that Friday is not their last day of school and that they can go back to school on Monday. First, students should be allowed to return to school after 2 or 3 weeks. But the situation worsened and many students could only return to school after 11 weeks. Until the schools opening again, the lessons should be continued online. All students should work on the tasks at home.

I think no one expected that the schools would be closed for so long. It was inconceivable to have to do everything at home, that you don’t have to go to school anymore.

Jolina Tissen, 9d

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